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The deluxe Tan Brush® is designed specifically for effortless self-tanning application of with your favorite lotion, cream, oil, or mousse. The silky smooth bristles evenly contour and blend into skin for picture-perfect skin. Use the brush to buff products into your skin, avoiding streaks, patches, and uneven coverage on hands and feet. Stunning, healthy flawless finish, every-time.


Why we love about The Tan Brush®

  • Simple to use - Brush, Buff, Tan & Glow
  • Perfect light-weight design fits into the hand allowing for an easy fluid application.
  • The Tan Bush® bristles are non-porous, and cruelty-free.
  • Less product is needed as all the tanning lotion is deposited onto the skin and not absorbed by the bristles.
  • Streak-free glow.
  • No build-up, no "hot spots".
  • Stain-free hands every use.
  • Quick and easy to clean

The Tan Brush®

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